Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Yesterday 8th and today on 9th January, I and Mr. Shivasi Reddy GS P3 discussed various issues with Hon'ble DG Sir at Dak Bhavan Delhi,

  1. Postman and MTS employees should be given the opportunity to work in PA's short term vacancies by giving some allowance.

 Reply- There are many issues in this subject but we will solve this issue positively with due consideration.

 2. All the vacancies of Postmen and MTS cadre before 2018 should be filled from GDS as per 2018 recruitment rules,
 Reply - Appropriate changes will be made in the previous recruitment rules and appropriate steps will be taken to fill all these vacancies.

3. Sport quota vacancies in many circles have not been filled yet, they should be filled immediately.
 Reply - Orders will be issued to Head of Circle to fill up the sports quota.

 4. In District places where CGHS facilities are not available, at least one private hospital should covered under rule CA MA 1944,
Reply - Correspondence will be sent to the Ministry of Health regarding the launch of such a scheme.

 5. Regarding compassionate appointment cases of deceased employees in pandemic Covid spread
 Reply - Discussions are still going on in the case of departmental employee but the circle has been directed to hold a CCE meeting immediately to accommodate the heirs of GDS in the service. 

 6 Regarding inadequate supply of medical and TA funds.
Reply - Currently funds received from the Finance Ministry are itself inadequate due to Corona impact. But it is expected that sufficient funds supply will be continued since April this year and then proper fund supply will be ensured. 

 Respected Member P and Respected DDG P both have actively participated in the discussions and meeting closes with positive hopes.
Nisar Mujawar GS