Sunday, April 11, 2021

27th Circle conference of NUPE POSTMEN &MTS Gr-C Tamilnadu Circle was held at Karur on 9 &10/04/2021.

 The  27th Circle conference of NUPE POSTMEN .MTS.Gr-C Tamilnadu Circle was held at  Karur on 09 &10/04/2021. Subject committee meeting held under the chairmanship of Sri Sathynarayana,  I have also attendend the same and address the conference. A detailed debate was  held  about the problems facing by staff presently along with welfare matters in the subjects committee. During the elections Sri Sathyanarayana  (Karur),  Sri P Sugmaran (Pondicherry) Sri Manavalan (Chennai) are unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer. FNPO & CHQ NUPE POSTMEN .MTS.Gr-C conveys best wishes to the newly elected office bearers.💐💐 

Nisar Mujawar,