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On 29.11.2012  periodical Meeting  was held under the Chair of Secretary (P).
The following subjects were discussed during the meeting. 

                Click here to seethe briefs on agenda

On 30.11.2012 Member(T) conducted a meeting on IT Modernization Project in Post offices. FNPO was represented by Secratary General & General Secrataries of FNPO affiliated unions. Details of the meeting and our veiws will be published in our sentinel. 
After the meeting president FNPO and SGFNPO met the follwing officers
a) Member(O)
b) Member(P)
c) CGM (MB)
d) DDG( Esttablishment)
e) Director ( Staff)
Outcome of the Meeting:-
1. Officers agreed to conduct the meeting with  RMS General Secrataries on AMPC issues
2.Irregular Postings made in LSG Cadre - Report will be called for from circles.
3.Norms for Post Man : Seperate meeting will be conducted under the CGM MB  with Secratray Generals of two federations & General Secrataries

Guidelines for monitoring and expeditious disposal of the disciplinary proceeding cases — reg.

Filling up of vacancies reserved for Persons with Disabilities- reg.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Agenda items for ensuing departmental Council

(Recognized by Government of India)

Dalvi Sadan
Khurshid Square
Civil line, P&T Colony

No./NUP-IV/Agenda/Deptl Council/2012                                           Dated: 29-11-2012


The Secretary (P)
Department of Posts
Dak bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001

Kind attention Director (SR)

Sub: Agenda items for ensuing departmental Council

Respected  Madam/Sir,

The following items are notified for ensuing departmental Council from national union of Postal Employees postman Group ‘D’ MTS CHQ.

Item No 1:      Non payment of cost of all kit items uniform cloth pending upto 20-11-2012.

Brief: Since last 4 years supply of due kit items including uniform cloth has not been made to eligible staff. Union demand that now the cost may be paid for all these pending kit items at market rate. Secondly supply of kit items for year 2012-13 be made with good quality in time if not possible the next payment may be made with market rate.

Item No. 2:     Supply of canvas bag for mails.

Brief:  due to non supply of canvas bag the mails is conveyed by polythine or plastic bags in a very shabby & bad manner & those bags are not capable to carry mail. Union demand for supply of canvas bag for safety of the public mail delivery at all level as it is the responsibility of the Department to supply the good quality of bags. The business mail is conveyed through these gunny bags including speed post articles and the transport authorities are thinking as private bags, In this regard it is pertinent to note that many times the RTCs conductors refuse to accept the mail on the pretext that the bags are in very shabby condition and not relates to Department of post, thus the Group D/MTS is facing the problem in dispatch of mail.

Item No 3:      Implementation of CAT order of Jodhpur Bench of dated 22-5-2012

Brief:  The judgment given in OA Nos 382/2011 with OA No 353/2011 and MA No. 19/2012 & OA 354/2011 with MA No 20/2012 decided by CAT Jodhpur Bench on 22-5-2012. Union demand that the decision may please be implemented to all promottee Postmen, Mil Guard & PA/SA Cadre.

Item No 4:      Implementation of Judgment of Delhi High Court dated 29-07-2011 in W/P No 3225/2007 in OA No 164/2005 in the matter of Dharam Singh & Others.

Brief:  As per Judgment referred above the packers of Foreign Post offices (redesignated as Mail Peon and further redesignated as MTS in group ‘C’) shall be allowed pay scale of Rs 950-1500 in place of 750-940  and further replaced by the pay scale of Rs 3050-4590 effective from 1-1-1996 and further placed in Rs 5200-20200 (PB-1) with grade pay of Rs 1900/- effective from 1-1-2006.We request implementation of Rs 5200-20200 with Grade Pay Rs 1900/- to all MTS in Postal &RMS. with effect from 1-1-2006.

Item No.5       Restoration of 1 post of Sorting Assistant in JP-4 Section of RMS Jaipur Division.

Brief:  One post of Sorting Assistant of JP-4 Section of RMS curtailed in Jaipur RMS Division Now it is very much difficult to manage the wor5k within only one sorting assistant in JP-4 Section. More than 12800 to 2200 bags re being handled by JP-4 in and JP-4 out Section. The case has been pending with Jaipur RMS Division. Union demand that please arrange to restore the post.

Item No 6 : Redeployment of DSV Posts as Postmen without reduction in the establishment.

 Brief: Consequent on enhancement of DSV Standards thousands of Posts of DSVs are notified for abolition and being abolished. There is additional justification of Postmen posts in the Department. We demand conversion of DSV Posts and redeployment as  Postmen Posts .

Kindly acknowledge the receipt

With regards,

Yours faithfully

(TN Rahate)
General Secretary & member
                                                                                                       Departmental council

Shri Kamal Nath addresses a Press Conference on Winter Session of Parliament Commencing on 22nd November 2012


Grant of the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 and which were granted the normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2


Establishment division(A-IV) of Department of Personnel & Training has published an another useful ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers’ regarding the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for Central Government employees. Click read more to view the FAQs and answers.


In the history of National Union of Postal  Employees Postmen & Group D MTS since it’s formation . The CWC took place at Ludhiana in Punjab circle during 23rd 25 th November 2012 under the president ship of Shri C.P Nayi,President CHQ.
The CWC discussed at length the present situation of Postal Department ,staff matters, New schemes ,Postal Policy and passed resolutions on various subjects.The resolutions will be sent to the Govt. for implementation.

 Punjab Circle Secretary with his team of NUPE P IV  Punjab has made best arrangements for lodging & Boarding of the delegtes attended the CWC.
CHQ thanks all the participants particularly Shri Surender kumar CS,Sri Ajmer Singh, Circle President,Sri Aswini Kumar, Circle Treasurer for holding CWC at Ludhina in such a grand manner .CHQ direct all all CWC members & ll Circle Secretaries to follow the instructions given in CWC.Particularly in r/o remittance of Arrears.of Qota within 15 Days  or up to 31st December 2012.
 CWC hereby clear our stand in r/o ensuing strike cakk of 12th December 2012 that it is politically motivated strike call. We re not participating in this strike.

T.N Rahate’
GS NUPE Postmen & MTS

Eligibility of children from a void or voidable marriage for family pension - clarification regarding.

No.1/16/1996-P&PW (E) (Vol.II)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare

3rdFloor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
Dated: 27th November, 2012 
Sub: Eligibility of children from a void or voidable marriage for family pension - clarification regarding.
The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's O.M. No.1/16/96-P&PW (E), dated 2.12.1996 whereby it was clarified that Pensionary benefits will be granted to children of a deceased Government servant/pensioner from void or voidable marriages when their turn comes in accordance with Rule 54(8). It is mentioned in Para 4 of the O.M. that "It may be noted that they will have no claim whatsoever to receive family pension as long as the legally wedded wife is the recipient of the same."
2.         The matter has been re-examined in consultation with the Ministry of Law and Justice(Department of Legal Affairs) and Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure). It has been decided that in supersession of Para 4 of the O.M., ibid, dated 2.12.1996, the share of children from illegally wedded wife in the family pension shall be payable to them in the manner given under sub-rule 7 (c) of Rule 54 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, along with the legally wedded wife.
It has also been decided that in past cases, no recovery from the previous beneficiary should be made. On receipt of an application from eligible child/children of the deceased Government employee/pensioner born to an ineligible mother, a decision regarding division  or otherwise of family pension may be taken by the competent authority after satisfying  himself/herself about veracity of facts and entitlement of the applicant (s).
4. As regards pensioners/family pensioners belonging to the Indian Audit and Accounts Departments, these Orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. . .
5. This issues with the concurrence of Department of Legal Affairs vide their FTS No. 3036, dated 17.10.2012.
6. This issues with the 'concurrence of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their I.D. No.530/E.V/2012, dated 23.11.2012.
(D.K. Solanki)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Tel. No. 24644632






Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Secretary (P) will take next periodical meeting with FNPO and NFPE affiliated Unions on 29th November,2012 in Committee Room, Dak Bhawan

Today General Secretary met with following officers in Postal Directorate. Dak Bhawan on (21/11/2012)

1). Member Tech & Member (PLI) 
(2). D.D.P (P) 
(3).D.D.G (Estt) 
(4).D.D.G. (RP) 
(5). CGM (BD) & CGM (MG)

Discussed regarding, positively discussed various issues of Postmen & MTS Carders & GDS/Casual Labour also. Details Published in our Postal Prakash sentinel.

(1). DOP. LGO Exam Result Declare within 8 to 10 days
(2). Secretary (P) will take next periodical meeting with FNPO and NFPE affiliated Unions on 29th November,2012 in Committee Room, Dak Bhawan




Monday, November 19, 2012

Format of application for permission to apply for Ex-India Leave - regarding

9 Attitudes towards a happy ‘You’

The key to happiness is to do the same things you do everyday but with a slightly different approach. Start bringing those changes in your attitude towards life and you'll see how simple it is to be happy!

Life Coach Ramon Llamba shares nine significant attitudes that help you become happier in life.

Appreciate what you have and value it. Try counting your positives and be grateful for all the good things and people in your life. Stop complaining and be thankful for what you already have and you'll soon start feeling happy.

Treat failure as an opportunity to learn a new and better lesson from life, and that's the trick to manufacture
optimism in life. Never give up trying because that's an indication that something better is in store. Once you start harbouring an optimistic attitude towards life, success will automatically follow.

Avoid comparison
Nothing is as awful as comparing yourself to someone else. If you think you're better that the other person, you're letting yourself regale in an unhealthy sense of superiority. If you demean yourself in front of others, it means all your hard work and progress has been in vain. While social comparisons are unhealthy, self-improvement is effective.

There's a scientific reason behind every act of kindness that you do. Helping someone selflessly releases serotonin in your brain (Serotonin is the hormone that controls your mood) and hence makes you feel good about yourself almost instantly. Try doing one act of kindness everyday to flush out the toxins of
depression from your system.

Nurture relationships
Relationships keep us alive and kicking. In fact, according to research studies loneliness doubles people's mortality rates. A circle of good
friends, loving family members and cheerful colleagues are a reminder that you have people who care about you. There's nothing like having someone who you can share your experiences with. So nurture these relationships and say goodbye to a lonesome existence.

Hatred is a negative feeling and harbouring it will have nothing but negative effects on your well-being. Stop thinking about the hateful emotion/person and let it go. Forgive if needed, take things lightly and let it not affect your system.

Commit to your goals
If you have a goal, work towards it. Anything is achievable if you put your
heart into it. Wholehearted dedication and diligence can bring extraordinary results and consequentially add to your happiness.

Spirituality teaches us that life is bigger than us and it helps us connect to the larger meanings of life. Practice spirituality to understand the source of all creation and feel connected to everything that exists in this world.

Care for your body
Love yourself and love your body! Your physical condition has a direct connection with your well-being. A fit body and healthy mind is reflective of happiness. Start working towards the health of your physical, mental and emotional energy by caring for your body.

Source: The Times of India 

CPAO calls for details of pensioners and family pensioners in the Pension Life Certificate:

Central Pension Accounting Office, New Delhi (CPAO) is the central agency responsible for Central Government Employees Pension.
After implementation of Sixth Pay Commission report, revision of Pension and consequently Revised Pension Payment Order (PPO) is needed in the following cases.
  • In respect of Pensioners and family Pensioners who are entitled for enhanced pension based on age
  • In respect of all Pre-2006 Pensioners (Pensioners and family pensioners for whom pension was fixed prior to 2006) revision of pension has been ordered in 6cpc if the pension fixed as per the sixth pay commission report is lesser than the minimum pension guaranteed based on Pre-Revised Pay Scale of retired / deceased employees.
For more details Read the following article published in GConnect, on the topic “Revision of Pension based on pre-revised Pay scale of retired / deceased employee”
CPAO is taking many steps to gather the details such as age of pensioners and family pensioners and last drawn pay of the pensioners / deceased pensioners to revise the pension of pre-2006 Pensioners as well as pensioners who are entitled for enhanced pension based on age.
Now, CPAO has called for Present address, telephone number if any and mobile number if any of all the pensioners and family pensioners. These details are to be provided by Pensioners and family pensioners while they are submitting Life Certificate for this year in the month of November.
The Pensioners and family Pensioners who have not received revised pension payment authority so far may provide the following additional details at the time of submitting the life certificate in November 2012
a. Ministry/ Department from where pensioner had retired
b. Last pay drawn and pay scale
c. Details of spouse
i. Name of spouse
ii. Relationship
iii. Date of birth of spouse AND
iv. Attested photocopy of any one of the following documents in support of date of birth
a) PAN card
b) Matriculation Certificate
c) Passport
d) CGI-15 card
e) Driving license
f) Voter’s ID card (only if pensioner/ family pensioner certifies that he/she is not a matriculate and does not have any of the documents mentioned from (a) to (e) above
The full text of Notification issued by CPAO is given below:
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-II, Bhikhaji Cama Place
New Delhi.
Notification No. CPAO/Tech/LF1/2012  dated 24-10-2012
Attention- Central Civil Pensioners and Pension Disbursing Banks
(This Notification does NOT concern Railway/ Defence/ P&T Pensioners)
1.     Life Certificate has to be submitted by the pensioner/ family pensioner to the Branch Manager of his/her pension paying bank branch in the month of November every year (except for exemptions provided under para 152(i) Scheme for Payment of Pensions to Central Government Civil Pensioners through Authorised Banks)
    Pensioners/ family pensioners are advised to henceforth provide the following additional information for purposes of the Life Certificate form (Annexure XVII (given below):
    Present address:
    Telephone number: (if any)
    Mobile number: (if any)
2.    ONLY for the current year Central Civil pensioners/ family pensioners who have NOT received a pension revision authority from the Government. may provide the following additional information at the time of submitting the life certificate in November 2012:
a. Ministry/ Department from where pensioner had retired
b. Last pay drawn and pay scale
c. Details of spouse
i. Name of spouse
ii. Relationship
iii. Date of birth of spouse AND
iv. Attested photocopy of any one of the following documents in support of date of birth
a) PAN card
b) Matriculation Certificate
c) Passport
d) CGI-15 card
e) Driving license
f) Voter’s ID card (only if pensioner/ family pensioner certifies that he/she is not a matriculate and does not have any of the documents mentioned from (a) to (e) above
3.     The above information will help expedite revision of pension subsequent to the recommendations of the 6 Pay Commission.
4.     It is IMPORTANT for Pensioners/ family pensioners to note that documentary evidence of age is an important requirement for sanction of the additional pension for pensioners over 80 years.
5.     All banks may give the above wide publicity and circulate to all branches for compliance and for advance information of pensioners,
6.     Banks may update their master data based on the life I certificate so submitted and forward the updated master data through the CPPC to the CPAO. The additional information submitted may also be scanned and send through CPPC to CPAO.
(To be submitted by Pensioner once a year in November)
Certified that I have seen the pensioner Shri/Smt,/Ms. ___________________ (Name of Pensioner), holder of Pension Payment Order No_______________ and that he/she is alive on this date. His/her present postal address is ________________________________ telephone number (If any) _____________; mobile number (if any) _____________.
Designation of Authorized Officer
Chief Controller (Pensions)