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Promotion to the grade of Director General Postal Services in the Department of Posts - order date 29.07.2016

Shri Ashutosh Tripati (IPoS-1981 batch) Member (P) is promoted to Director General, Postal Services. To view order, please CLICK HERE. 


01.08.2016 TO 02.08.2016- IN DELHI (CHQ DELHI.)

03.O8.2016- IN MUMBAI

7th Pay commission pay and arrears calculator - Excel Download

7th Pay commission pay and arrears calculator : Download

7th Pay Commission – increment can’t be stopped without changing service rules

7th Pay Commission – increment can’t be stopped without changing service rules, Please read this news paper report published in Hindi News Paper Bhaskar:-

Click image below for larger view:-

Some Doubts and Clarifications on Pay Fixation (7th cpc revised Pay) :

Let   Mr. X  drawing Rs. 16010 (G.P 2800) got  promotion (up gradation)  under MACP Scheme( Rs.4200)  on 08.04.2016 ?  Shall he opt to continue in  Old scales up to MACP date ?

Ans.  Govt. servant  to  opt to continue his old scale up to (1)  until   the  date on which he earns next increment /  any subsequent increment  (ii)  until he vacates his post (iii) ceases to draw pay in that scale.

  In the above case  Mr. X. cannot  take  option to continue in old scales up to  08.04.2016 i.e  on  MACP up gradation. His pay will be fixed as on 01.01.2016 and MACP  fixed on 08.04.2016 (or DNI as per  his option) .  The pay fixation is as calculated.

Pay as on 01.01.2016  :   13210 + 2800 (g.p) = 16010 
Old pay
NEW  - 7thCPC

(16010) + 1400 (diff
Opted to fix pay after accrual of increment on 01.07.2016

16490 + 500  ( added promotion incrt)  + Diff 1400= 18390 *
(Promoted to the G.Pay for Rs. 4200)
 42800 (inct)
44100 (promotion inct)
44900 ( Level 6 in Pay Matrix G.p 4200)
MACP - Pay fixation

Note: But straight away pay fixation on 01.07.2016 by multiplying 18390 * 2.57 = 47262 by fixing at  47600 (in 4200 pay matrix) is not possible. i.e. Option to continue in old scale up to MACP up gradation and then fixation to new 7cpc pay is not applicable.
NOTE:  Let  Mr.  X -  got promotion to IPO  (inspector Posts- 4200  (now is  4600) for case study  taken as 4200.) through  LDCE on 08.04.2016. In this  case by taking  all  above data  he will opt  (after accrual of inct) to fix straight away by multiplying 2.57 * 18390 = 47262 to fix at 47600 . And he will continue to draw old scale up to 08.04.2016. (He forego  arrears). This provision comes under “until he vacates his post (PA)” he will opt to draw old pay.  

(prepared by M.S.Reddy, Ex-Accountant).

Filing up of Assets and Liabilities last date extended to 31st December 2016

7th CPC DA calculation as it is not giving the DA benefit we supposed to get from sixth CPC.

A Comparison of current DA vs 7th Pay Commission DA
As per this current DA calculator.6th pay DA would be 7% and7th pay DA is 2% from July on-wards.Now if we see this figures logically there is great disappointment. We actually can’t get 7th pay DA hike at least same as currently available system of 6th pay DA hike.7th pay commission has raised basic pay with Multiplication factor 2.57.Then logically DA revision pattern would also be such as which at least should maintain equivalency of 2.57 factor.
For example…
If one’s Basic pay in 6th CPC is Rs. 20000, So with fitment factor of 2.57 his Basic Pay in 7th pay will be 51400.So as per DA calculator,  7% DA rise on 6th CPC Basic Pay will be Rs.1400 .      2% DA rise on 7th CPC Basic Pay  will be 1028.So current applicable DA system is clearly failing to maintain the parity between 6th pay and 7th pay consideration.In order to achieve this balance either DA Calculation system or 7th pay fitment factor should be amended.Suppose if  we think fitment factor should be amended to maintain the parity in DA Rates between Sixth and 7th CPC, then the should be such basic to be fixed so as give its 2% value as Rs. 1400.Thus, the 7th CPC Basic Pay to be revised as Rs. 70000 instead of Rs. 51400.And to arrive 70000 as basic Pay, the fitment factor should be revised to  3.5…!!!If this issue is not considered timely then employee will suffer for upcoming 10 years. 

SOURCE-Central Government Employees News

Saturday, July 30, 2016

NC JCM insists to setting up High Level Committee to review Minimum Wage and Fitment Multiplication Factor

NC JCM insists to setting up High Level Committee to review Minimum Wage and Fitment Multiplication Factor
Secretary Staff Side writes to Home Minister for early redressal of Minimum pay and Fitment factor issues

Shiva Gopal Mishra
Ph.: 23382286
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi – 110001
E Mail :
No.NC/JCM/7th CPC/2016
Dated: 26th July 2016
Shri Rajnath Singh,
Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs,
(Government of India)
North Block,
Central Secretariat,
New Delhi-110 001

Respected Sir,
We solicit your kind attention towards the discussion we had with your goodself on 30.06.2016, wherein Hon’ble Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Minister for Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, and Hon’ble Minister of State for Railways, Shri Manoj Sinha, were also present.

In the background of issuance of the Notification by the Government of India today (26.07.2016) to give effect to the recommendations of the 7th CPC as per 29th June, 2016 Cabinet decision, we request you to expedite action for setting up the proposed “High Level Committee” to review Minimum Wage and Fitment Multiplication Factor as was promised in the 30th June, 2016 meeting, which paved way for deferment of “Indefinite strike” which was commenced to be held from 11th July 2016.

We shall be grateful, if necessary orders are issued for setting up the said committee without further delay.

With Kind Regards!

Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Secreary(Staff Side) NC/JCM & Convener

Source: NC JCM Staff Side


Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by public servants - Date extended on or before 31st December, 2016

Extends due date for filing of Income Tax Returns

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes
New Delhi, 30th July, 2016.
                                                PRESS RELEASE
Sub :- CBDT Extends due date for filing of Income Tax Returns – reg

The due date for filing of Income tax returns by certain persons under the Income Tax Act is 31st  July of the following year. However, taking into consideration the strike by Public Sector Banks on Friday, 29th July, 2016 and the last date for filing of returns being a Sunday, the Central Board of Direct Taxes has decided to extend the last date for such returns which were due on 31st July, 2016 to 5th August, 2016. This extension would apply to taxpayers all over India except the state of J&K.
For taxpayers located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, the Central Board of Direct Taxes has decided to extend the last date for such returns which were due on 31st July, 2016 to 31st August, 2016 in view of the general disruption of normal life in the last few days.
(Meenakshi J. Goswami)
Commissioner of Income Tax
(Media and Technical Policy)
Official Spokesperson, CBDT.