Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tour Program of General Secretary

01st to 02nd Sept’09 Delhi Circle.

03rd Sept’09 Punjab Circle Amritsar. 

04th to 10th Sept’09 Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

11th, 12th Sept’09 U.P Circle Allahabad, Varanasi, (Banaras).

13th, 14th Sept’09 visit Lucknow attend Circle Conference of NUPE Postmen & Gr’D’ UP Circle and will be procee to Mumbai on 16th Sept’09.
All concern please note the same

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Donation to the CHQ / FNPO

Members may be aware that the CHQ/FNPO made an appeal for the donation from all the branches when the Govt. ordered payment of 40% of arrears on implementation of the sixth pay commission recommendations. Some have responded, but many have not responded.
Now as promised, the Govt. had issued orders for payment of balance of 60% arrears on the 25th Aug.'09. We once again appeal to you to collect per member as donation and remit the same to the CHQ/FNPO immediately to tide over financial difficulties.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Implementation of modified ACP Scheme

The DDG (Estt.) reveal that the draft copy of the order is ready and most probably orders can be expected next week


Shri Oman chandi opposition leader of Kerala assembly met with Chair person Shrimati Sonia Gandhi ji and Shri Pranab Mukherjee on 27trh Aug ’09 and scheduled and discussed urgency and delay In implementation of GDS committee report both leaders have promised that they will Look into matter and assured that very shortly cabinet approval will be given for implementation of GDS pay committee report. I have to point out that some officers in postal department are giving track for GDS problem as it is  learnt that department of has sent draft note department of Personal and training also secretly expenditure department of Shri Oman chandi with Shrimati Soniya Gandhi ji and Shri Pranab Mukherjee this draft note now returned to deptt of Post .

The attitude of these officers of postal department is totally against GDS staff for the reason that one of the union leader of GPS union not behaved properly with them, Which is not correct We therefore must defeat the game of these officers and should stood like a rock in support of agitation programme decided by FNPO and NFPE jointly.
Shri T.N Rahate
President FNPO

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


GDS Committee Report on behalf of ( INTUC, FNPO, NUGDS ) Shri Oman chandi opposition leader of Kerala state assembly meeting with chair person Shrimati Sonia Gandhi ji and communication minister on requesting for immediate incrementation of GDS committee report.

Shri T.N Rahate
President FNPO 

Payment of second installment of arrears of pension on account of implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the 6th Central

Payment of second installment of arrears on account of implementation of 6th CPC recommendations.

Payment of second installment of arrears on account of implementation of 6th CPC recommendations CLICK FOR SEE LATER



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FRESH NEWS Govt. considering raising retirement age to 62

On behalf of NUPE Postmen & G.r ‘D’ we strongly oppose 
This proposal of govt and the G.S Shri T.N Rahate

Will Submitted Strong process below mention later to. Prime minister

Suggestions towards proposed increase in the retirement age of the Central Government Employee from 60 to 62 years





LATEST NEWS - Sub: Payment of second instalment of arrears on account of implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commission’s Recommendations.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Payment of Second Instalment of 60% Pay Commission Arrears

Dear Colleagues,

Finance Ministry Put Pre Condition for CG Employees Recruited on or after 01-01-2004. For Detailed Orders of Finance Ministry, PLEASE CLICK SEE PDF FILE

Family Pension – Extension of the scope of Family Pension to the dependent disabled siblings (i.e.brothers/sisters) of C.G Servants/Pensioners-reg.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Govt. considering raising retirement age to 62

The government is actively considering raising the retirement age of all central government employees, including those in the armed forces, from the present 60 to 62 years.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has submitted a report to the prime minister outlining all the pros and cons of the move, including the “cascading effects” on government employment and the huge savings, at least for two years, on account of retirement payouts.

If the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and the prime minister find the arguments forwarded by the finance ministry credible and convincing, the announcement may come as early.

The Cabinet may discuss the matter.

Although the finance ministry is making a strong case for the move, the DoPT is taking time to make up its mind, possibly out of consideration for the 1979 batch of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and other central services. Officers of the 1979 batch have been empanelled for promotion to the ranks of additional secretary and secretary but can take up their posts only after the present incumbents retire. If an announcement extending the retirement age comes before November, a batch of empanelled joint secretaries stand to lose their future ranks. In turn, this will also affect those who joined the central administrative services in 1980. The DoPT also says that the age profile of Indian bureaucrats, instead of becoming younger, will become older, out of tune with the rest of the world.

For the finance ministry, the gains from the move are clear. The pension payout of all armed forces personnel of the rank of Lieutenant General and equivalent who were to retire this year will be postponed by 24 months; the government will also defer by two years the liability of paying pension to more than 100,000 employees. While salaries will have to continue to be paid, this will be cheaper than paying upfront benefits like gratuity.

This is all the more important given the government’s other financial liabilities on account of stimulus spending and one drought, though the effects of the latter will kick in only in the next fiscal year. The fiscal deficit is 6.8 per cent of gross domestic product this year and a two-year lag in paying pensions will help in bridging this.

In 1998, the National Democratic Alliance government had raised the retirement age from 58 to 60, a move that benefited 90,000 government servants and 50,000 defence personnel. At the time, the logic was: the retirement of 140,000 employees would have cost Rs 5,200 crore whereas paying salaries cost only Rs 1,493 crore.

That move came in the wake of the 5th Pay Commission report which had just been implemented by the then United Front government. In 2003, the government also right-sized the central government employee workforce by 30 per cent.

Every time the Centre announces an increase or concession on pay packages, both public-sector units and state governments follow suit. If the prime minister does decide to raise the retirement age, state governments and Public Sector Units (PSUs) will mirror this action. This has its own implications for many cash-strapped states like Punjab.

If the decision is finally taken, it will only be the third time the government will have raised the retirement age. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister to have increased the age of superannuation from 55 to 58 following the 1962 war with China. The Atal Bihari Vajpayee government did it a second time in 1998.

On behalf of NUPE postmen & g.r ‘D’ we strongly oppose 
This proposal of govt and the G.S Shri T.N Rahate 
Will submitted strong process to govt early

Big tax cut coming your way

Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee unveiled a roadmap for reforms in direct taxes that promises to drastically cut the tax liability of most individuals by considerably raising tax slabs. The new direct taxes code, proposed to be implemented from April 2011, aims to moderate effective tax rates in the hope that this will encourage more people to pay up.

Proposed Income Tax Rates for Individuals

Up to Rs.1,60,000         Nil

From Rs.1,61,000 to Rs.10,00,000 10 Per cent (Income exceeds Rs.1,60,000)

From Rs.10,01,000 to 25,00,000    20 Per cent (Rs.84,000 + Income exceeds

Above Rs.25,00,000                  30 Per cent (Rs.3,84,000 + Income exceeds                                                                                          Rs.25,00,000)

Proposed Income Tax Rates for Women-below 65 years

Up to Rs.1,90,000                                Nil

From Rs.1,91,000 to Rs.10,00,000  10 Per cent (Income exceeds Rs.1,90,000)

From Rs.10,01,000 to 25,00,000      20 Per cent (Rs.81,000 + Income exceeds


Above Rs.25,00,000                    30 Per cent (Rs.3,81,000 + Income exceeds


Proposed Income Tax Rates for Senior Citizens

Up to Rs.2,40,000                                Nil

From Rs.2,41,000 to Rs.10,00,000  10 Per cent (Income exceeds Rs.2,40,000)

From Rs.10,01,000 to 25,00,000      20 Per cent (Rs.76,000 + Income exceeds


Above Rs.25,00,000                     30 Per cent (Rs.3,76,000 + Income exceeds


Sunday, August 16, 2009

General Secretary Visit Punjab & Haryana Circle

Shri. T.N.Rahate President FNPO & General secretary visited Karnel H.O On 13/8/09 meet with staff & discussed their problems and then after visited Ambala cantt GPO addressed meeting which was to staff of Ambala cantt P.O, Yamunanager H.O staff & workers also Jagadhrari H.O.Shri. Basant kumar Saini Div.Sec. 
Shri, Sardar Chenni Ambala GPO who joined National Union with his above 90 member’s followers greeted wormly with President FNPO.

Shri T.N. Rahate President FNPO G.S NUPE P-IV addressed the meeting in length along with Shri Chenni that more & more members will join National Union for strengthen and if again reverification came maximum will be of FNPO only.
After this meeting Shri. T.N. Rahate visited CPMG office the D.A.P.Where he meet Goyal Ex chairman Postal Employees Bank of Ambala discussed about formation of FNPO Union & Shri. Goyal assured that near in future this will be done at D.A.P.; Shri.T.N Rahate discussed staff problems in details assured full co-operation & support if represented with FNPO.

On 14/8/09 He visited Chandigarh and Hoshiyarpur.

On 15/8/09 He attended & addressed CWC of NUGDS Punjab Circle.
All Div.Sec. Of NUGDS of Punjab Circle attended this meeting more than 300 GDS including 12 to 15 Lady’s GDS were present at that time.
Shri. Ajmer Singh Circle President P-IV Punjab Circle. Circle President & Circle secretary P-3 Punjab Circle. Circle Secretary P-IV Haryana Circle Shri. Jaspal Singh were present & they addressed the meeting.

Shri. Sohansing Saini Circle Secretary NUGDS has taken effort to organise the same. At that time he addressed & mentioned particularly that after his resuming charge of Circle Secretary more than 3000 staff of GDS joined FNPO(Punjab Circle).

CHQ & FNPO congratulate him & his team for their activeness & sincerity and assured them full support to solve the Punjab & Haryana Circle.

On 16/8/09 G/S be at CHQ Delhi & will be proceed to Mumbai on 17/8/09.
All concerned please note the same.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Thursday, August 13, 2009


FNPO President & G.S NUPE P-IV G.R 'D' Shri T.N Rahate Met With Smt. Sushma Nath Secretary Expenditure Ministry of Financial Govt of India On 12th Aug’09 along with Shri Ashok Sharma President NUPE P-IV Delhi Shri Sohan Singh Circle Secretary NUGDS Punjab Circle Following issues were discussed.

1.) Different in Pay Fixation of senior postmen with postmen Appointed are after 1-1-2006 
as per 6th CPC postmen appointed on after 1-1-2006 are fixed with pay scale of Rs (6460+2000 g.p)=8460 where as senior postmen are fixed with less pay than these appointee after discussion it is decided that department of post should raise this matter with for clarification however it is clarified that criteria of gradation list of postmen should be taken into account for pay fixation of senior postmen by steping up with pay scale of junior postmen.

2.) Group ‘D’ staff retired on are after 1-1-2006 and those have not gone training of Non matric to get Rs (5200+1800g.p)=7000/- with wef 1-1-2006 will get pensioners benefit @ of Rs (5200+1800g.p)=7000/- but those are SSC pass get this benefit but Non SSC pass will not get this benefit.

3.) None release of vaccant post of peon/mail peon for year 2006/07/08. 
The govt has released of vaccant post of department of post for Recruitment for year 2006/07/08. but excluded post of peon/mail peon, shri Rahate insisted the need of post of peon/mail peon in the department of post and after long discussion the secretary’s suggested that department of post should submitted proposal for release of vaccant post of group ‘D’ for past year 2006/07/08. Secondly as ban lifted for 2009/10 in April 2009 the vaccant post of peon/mail peon may be filled in and the guidelines of already issued. 

4.) Regarding GPF Contribution of the staff appointed on after April 2004 the secretary Finance clarified that this facility can’t be expended to this staff and instead of GPF govt may consider PPF Scheme for then.

Meeting with CPM Delhi 

The General Secretary NUPE P-IV C.H.Q Delhi T.N Rahate met with CPM Chief delhi along with shri Subbash choudhry circle secretary NUPE P-IV Delhi following issues are discussed.

1.) Training to Non matric staff for drawal of Rs (5200+1800)=7000 discussed and CPMG instreated DPS To complete all process of training and grade pay be fixed at the and of this month.

2.) All SP/SSP in Delhi Circle are instreated to hold monthly meeting regularly with union and compliance repost called with in Ten day’s by CPMG. 

3.) Diesanon cases due to late attended discussed and chef PMG was kind on ought to consider the past cases if represented by staff for regularisation. For future CPM assured that it will not be repeated.

4.) officers will be instructed to stop harrashment of staff and CPM also requested the union to guide the staff to behaive properly to avoid conformation.

T.N Rahate 
President FNPO &
General Secretary 

Sub: Appointment on permanent absorption basis of Assistant Accounts Officers (AAOs), Group 'B' Gazetted in Department of Telecommunications (DOT) as

I am directed to forward herewith a copy of letter No.17-1/2008-SEA-II dated 02 Jul 2009 along with its enclosures received from Under Secretary (SEA), Department of Telecommunications, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi on the subject cited above for further circulation under your jurisdiction. The applications received from willing/eligible candidates may be verified and duly recommended by the competent authority concerned. The Circle Postal Accounts Offices concerned may consolidate the applications in respect of their Circle and forward the applications complete in all respect in the prescribed proforma from willing/eligible candidates including those who are on deputation/headquarters duty along with the following documents to Sri.R.Magadevan, Assistant Director General (PA Admn), Department of Posts, PA Wing, 4th Floor, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001, so as to reach latest by 21 Aug 2009:

(i). Declaration of the applicant
(ii). Attested copies of ACRs for the last five years
(iii). Vigilance Clearance Certificate
(iv). Statement showing major/minor penalties, if any imposed/contemplated during the last ten years.

Applications received after 21 Aug 2009 shall not be entertained.

Encl: As above

Yours faithfully,
(Dr Brajesh Singh)
Director (Budget & Admn)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meeting at DAK Bhawan with MEMBER (Planning) & DDG (Estt) & Direcor (Planning) & Director (SPN).

Today on 11th August 2009 Shri. T.N. Rahate President FNPO & Gen Secretary NUPE-Postmen & group D along with Shri. S.P. Kulkarni General Secretary Indian Postal SBCO Staff Association met with following Officers to discuss the different problems of Postmen & Group D and other Employees. The Issues and output of the meetings with DTE Officers put up here with-

1) Meeting With Shri. R.K.Singh Member (P):- Issue regarding Review of Time Factor of Postmen discussed in details to implement new norm as early as possible. Member (P) assured its implementation within 15 days and asked to remind after 15 days about this issue.

On the issue of Recruitment of Peon & Mail Peon (Multi Skilled Group C) in the existing vacancies from GDS since 2006, 2007 & 2008. It is assured to fill up vacancies of 2009 & orders will issued earlier. For the vacancies of 2006 & 2007 the matter will be taken up with (Screening Committee) Secretary Expenditure. Also directed to take up this issue with appreciate authority for better results.

Placement of Non matriculate Group D employees in PB-1 with effect from 1.1.2006- order not implemented in Maharashtra Delhi and some other circles is pointed out the Member (P) on which it is directed to DDG (Esst) to look in the matter and to settle the issue amicably.

In discussion of Pay fixation issue of Group D Officials retired after 1.1.2006 the benefit of PB-1 is not granted till this date pointed out to the Member (P) on which Member (P) assured to call report from all circles and suitable action will be taken earlier.

On the issue of Circulation of New Syllabus for the Postmen Examination and LGO Examination for promotion to cadre of PA /SA regarding an increase number of chances.-Member (P) assured that the issue will be examined properly and circulated shortly.

Issue of Karnataka circle for stoppage of speed Posts delivery articles by GDS Employees through Nodal Delivery System pointed out to the Member (P). On which Member (P) assured to call report on the subject & assured for proper action.

2) Meting with Shri. Salim Haque DDG (P):-filling up vacancies of Peon & Mail peon in the existing vacancies and to circulate calendar of Examination for Postmen & PA’s, LGO’s and all cadre.- it is assured to take proper action shortly.

3) On the issue of Project Arrow, Business development the meeting with Shri. Kaushal Kishore General Manager BD & MD, Shri. John Samuel Manager Speed Post was held to put up the present issues on the subject faced by the employees. The Officers assured for healthy business with cooperation of the unions is expected by the Department and assured to provide good atmosphere to the Postmen and all staff to involve in the mission to develop the business.

4) Funds provisions for Computer advances, Provision for supply of new furniture to the Postmen and flooring in delivery halls such subjects discussed with Ms Smruti Sharan Director (SPN) , Ms Madhumita Das Director (Corporate Planning), Ms Ainendrui Anurag Director (Planning) & Shri. P.N. Ranjit Director (Globle Business) in a healthy atmosphere and responded favorably by the above officers.

5) Meeting with Shri. Subhash Chander Director (SR) :- Assured to arrange periodical meeting with Secretary (P) & Members for the burning issues put by the General secretaries & Secretary General Shortly. Also issue of Fresh Verification process for Recognition will be decided by vacating Stay of the different courts explained by the Director (SR).

Note to ALL: - Divisional Secretaries / Circle Secretaries may be alert to face fresh Verification Process for Recognition of the Service Associations shortly. We should prepare ourselves to get maximum membership for Recognition. Soon the program will be announced.

BRIEF NEWS: - GDS PAY Commission Recommendations note submitted today morning to the Cabinet & DOPT for final approval.. Within 2/3 week it will be finalized.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Govt can terminate temporary staff without assigning reason: CAT

The central government can terminate the services of its temporary employee without assigning any reason, the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) said. 
The tribunal passed the order on a petition filed by an ex-technician Avinash challenging his termination by the Safdarjung Hospital after his services were not found satisfactory during the probation period. 
"Offer of appointment specifically provide that the services of an applicant can be terminated at any time without assigning any reason. There is no mandatory provision to assign any reason thereof," the CAT, comprising members Dharam Paul Sharma and N D Dayal, said. 
Rejecting the contentions of Avinash, the Tribunal said it is a case of "termination simpliciter in legitimate exercise of power under the Central Civil Services (Temporary Services) rules." 
Avinash cited a number of cases which had been decided on similar lines in the apex court and said his termination was an example of violation of "principles of natural justice."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Meeting at DAK Bhawan with MEMBER (Planning) & DDG (Estt) & Direcor (Planning) & Director (SPN).

Today on 10th Aug.2009 Shri T.N. Rahate President FNPO & General Secretary NUPE-P-IV with Shri S.P. Kulkarni General Secretary Indian Postal SBCO staff association met to Shri. A.K. Sharma DDG (Estt) & discussed the following issues.
1) Modified ACP Promotion Scheme- Almost Order for MACP is ready. Only Issue of MACP about Drivers cadre is under discussion. Immediately it will be finalized and submitted to JS & FA for approval. From the discussions it is cleared that the benefit of MACP will be granted to all employees after completion of 10, 20 & 30 years service. Three financial up-gradations will be granted to all. No hurdle for TBOP & BCR officials to complete 10 years in the same cadre. . Considering TBOP & BCR qualifying service after completion of 20 & 30 years benefit will be granted that is only after 4 years of TBOP & BCR Benefit of 20 & 30 years will be granted. Orders will be effected w.e.f. 1 St Sept. 2008 onwards. For example In case of Promotions from one cadre to other after 8 years he will be granted next promotion after 10 years i.e. he will get benefit of second promotion after 18 years instead of 20 years. Orders will be issued shortly.
2) Regarding GDS Pay Commission: - Note for Cabinet is submitted by the Department. It will be finalized up to the First week of Sept.2009... Benefit of revised pay will be granted w.e.f. 1st Jan. 2006 to the GDS employees.

3) Arrears of 60 % CPC second installment: - It will be paid in the second week of Sept. 2009 before Dipawali festival.

4) New norms for Postmen - Revised norms will finalized shortly.

5) Implementation of orders regarding placement of non matriculate Group D employees in the Pay Band PB-1 with effect from 1.1.2006- it is brought to the notice that these orders are not implemented in all circles. It is assured to implement it immediately.

Meeting with Shri. D.K.Budki Member (Planning):- Discussion about the Departmental proposals & Role of unions considering the constructive role & necessity of cooperation of unions & administration discussed in detail. The views of the federation & unions /associations are appreciated by the Member (Planning). He assured every cooperation to the federation.

Meeting with Director (Planning):- Details discussion about GDS was held with Shri R.K. Mishra Director Planning. It is made clear by the director that more incentive through NREGS scheme is proposed to the GDS employees.

Meeting with Director (SPN):- Provision to the postmen to appear to LGO Exam Dec. 2008 for Maharashtra Circle clarification for eligibility for appearing examination will be given earlier as per provisions.

Regulation of Journey by air while availing Leave Travel Concession Clarification regarding.

Regulation of Journey by air while availing Leave Travel Concession Clarification regarding. CLICK FOR SEE PDF FILE.

CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964-Guidelines regarding prevention of sexual harassment of working women in the workplace.



Saturday, August 8, 2009






Filling up of GDS posts in Branch Post Offices –Clarification regarding.

                            Government of India

                   Ministry of Communications & IT

                            Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-11001

No.17-103/2007-GDS Dated: 14.07.2009


All Chief Postmaster General,
All Postmasters General.

Sub: Filling up of GDS posts in Branch Post Offices –Clarification regarding.


Directorate has, of late, been receiving a number of references regarding filling up of GDS vacancies in the Branch Post Offices. The undersigned is directed to invite reference to the Directorate letter No. 17-103/2007-GDS dated 8.7.2008 wherein clarifications regarding filling up of vacant posts of GDS were laid down. As per the principle brought out in the instructions of the Directorate referred to above, vacant post of GDS in Branch Office can be filled up if found justified on the basis of work load norms and financial parameters. If the twin criteria of workload and financial norms are not fulfilled then it is necessary to seek the approval of head of Circle. The above stipulations are applicable mutatis mutandis to all the Branch Post Offices irrespective of their establishment i.e. whether the Branch Office has single, double or more than two hands. The procedure reiterated in the aforesaid Directorate letter has resulted in non-filling up of vacant posts of GDS in the branch Post Offices especially in the single-handed Branch Offices.

2. The matter has, therefore, been reviewed in its entirety and it has been decided to fill up vacant posts of GDS in a manner set forth in the ensuing paragraphs. 

(i) Filling of GDS post in single handed Branch Offices

In single handed Branch Offices, the GDS post rendered vacant on account of discharge from the service, appointment of the GDS against a departmental post or death of the GDS may be filled up to ensure basic postal services and facilities in the rural areas through the existing Branch Offices. 

(ii) Filling of GDS post in Branch offices with two or more hands

The vacant post of GDS may be filled up on the basis of triennial review already carried out. If prescribed workload and financial parameters as prescribed for opening of a Branch Office are not fulfilled but the posts are required to be filled up for operational reasons then the approval of Chief PMG will be required with concurrence of Circle IFA.

3. It should be ensured that the triennial review of Branch Offices is carried out regularly and invariably as per existing instructions. 

4. This issues in supersession of earlier instructions issued for filling up of vacant posts of GDS contained in following letters. 

(i) Letter No. 40-35/Xth Plan dated 14.08.2003, 23.10.2003, and 17.02.2004.

(ii) Directorate Letter No. 17-103/2007-GDS dated 24.12.2007 except para 4 thereof.

(iii) Head of Circles should endure action accordingly.

(iv) The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged to the undersigned. 

Yours faithfully,


(A.K. Sharma)

Dy. Director General (Estt.)

Phone No.011-23096098

Supply of lady's umbrella to all female Gramin Dak Sevak employees

                                Government of India

                      Ministry of Communication & IT

                                     Deptt. Of Posts

Dak Bhawan, N.Delhi-110001.

No.12-18/2009-UPE Dated 13.07.2009


All Heads of Circles.

Subject: - Supply of lady's umbrella to all female Gramin Dak Sevak employees. 

I am directed to refer to say that as per Rule 737(X-d) of P&T Manual Volume—II, the eligible GDS employees are provided umbrella once in three years. A request has been received from the General Secretary, All Inida Postal Extra Departmental Employees Unioin to provide ladies umbrella to the female. Gramin Dak Sevak employees.

2. In this connection it is pertinent to mention here that in case of regular employees, there is no provisioin of ladies umbrella. However, as a general rule, folding umbrella was allowed for the employees who prefer the same provided that it is on rate contract of DGS&D. However the rate of folding umbrella should not exceed the rate finalized by DGS&D under R/C for long handle steel umbrellas. In this connectioin a copy of this Dte. Letter No. 12-21/2007-UPE dated 18.9.2007 is enclosed.

3. The request of the above union for lady's umbrella to the female Gramin Dak Sevak employees has been considered and it has been decided that the criteria as laid down for regular employees in the Directorate letter quoted above shall be made applicable to G.D.S inclucing female G.D.S.

4. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

Yours faithfully


(Ram Lal)

Asstt. Director General (MPP)

Friday, August 7, 2009


Dear Collegue,

General Secretary visited Hyderabad and attended circle conference subject committee on NUR III on dated 03rd august’2009, he maid visit to office of the chief post master general (AP) circle on dated 04th august’2009 in between 12 to 14:30 hrs along with Shri D.Theagarajan S/G FNPO Shri Gulab Rabbani C/S NUPE P-IV (AP) Circle, Shri Mohammad Ali C/S NUR III AP and discussed with
CPMG and DPS on staff problem important matter of seven days diesnon case of postmen & group 'D' staff of Hyderabad GPO discussed in length and same problem has been solved, further discussion will held with circle representative. After concluding this visit the G.S addressed open session of NUR III of (AP) Circle as president FNPO. Then after he discussed with staff and addressed regional general body of NUPE P-IV between 18 to 21 hrs and then left for Mumbai He will at Mumbai up to 08th august’2009 and will proceed to CHQ Delhi an 09th august’2009 All concerned may please note it,

. All concerned may please note it.

With Best Regards,

T.N Rahate
President FNPO & 

Revision of pay scales of Faculty and Scientific/Design Staff as per 6th CPC

Revision of pay scales of Faculty and Scientific/Design Staff and other academic staff of Centrally funded technical institutions following pay revision of the Central Government employees on the recommendation of the sixth Pay Commission. 
The Union Cabinet today approved the revision of pay scales of Faculty, Design & Scientific Staff and other academic staff of the Centrally funded institutions. The Cabinet also approved giving financial assistance to States for implementing the above revised scales. 
This will enable the Institutes to recruit and retain talented and well qualified faculty and to provide them an environment and working conditions that encourage them to enhance their performance and capacity.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Employee to be heard in case of adverse ACR: CAT

The government has to give an opportunity to its employee to present his case if there is an adverse remark in the Annual Confidential Report(ACR) which could hamper his promotion, the Central Administrative Tribunal(CAT)has said. 
The tribunal passed the order on a petition of a senior scientist, J P Sharma, working with Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR),alleging that he was deprived of promotion on the basis of an adverse ACR without giving him an opportunity to challenge the report. 
The government contended that overall grading in his ACR for last two years was 'average' but denied him the right to representation on the ground that it was 'not adverse'per se. 
But, the tribunal did not agree with the government's view and said the employee has the right to be heard in all cases where his prospect of promotion gets adversely affected due to the 'average' grading as he would get promoted only after getting 'very good' grading. 
"It is the effect which the entry is having which determines whether it is an adverse one or not. Any entry below the benchmark which deprives someone of eligibility for promotion must be informed about and be given a right to representation," the Bench comprising chairman V K Bali and N D Dayal said.

No data on Muslim employees in Central govt jobs: Khurshid

The government today said it does not maintain statistics of Muslim employees in Central government services but it has data for the five minority communities as a whole.

In reply to a written question in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State (Independent charge) of the ministry of Minority Affairs, Salman Khurshid said, "government does not maintain statistics of employment of Muslims in the Central government services".

Khurshid said the data is not collected minority community wise or service wise by the DOPT but for the five minority communities as a whole.

Giving these statistics, the minister said that while 12,182 minorities were recruited in ministries and departments in 2006-07, this figure stood at 12,195 in 2007-08 and 4,479 in the year 2008-09.

He however, said the guidelines issued by Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) on January 8, 2007, include instructions for monitoring the progress in recruitment of minorities in all ministries, departments, public sector enterprises, public sector banks and financial institutions.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Visit of general secretary to Punjab & Hariyana circle

Dear Collegue,

General Secretary will be at CHQ Delhi during 10th to 16th August’2009 on 13th august’2009 he will be in Hariyana Circle and on 14th to 15th August’2009 visit Hoshiyarpur in Punjab circle to attend GDS circle working committee & GDS meet all concerned please note  

With Best Regard,

T.N Rahate
President FNPO & G.S NUPE P-IV 
(CHQ) Delhi


Dear Collegue,
West Bengal Circle union invited CHQ to hold AIC in west Bengal. It May be fixed in between 9th to 11th January’2010. The venue will be decided in due cource. All CWC members, circle secretaries, Divisional & branch secretaries please note & start preparation to attend AIC. They may contact Shri. B M Ghosh senior leader & Chief advisor CHQ on Tele No 09830335322 or Shri Shekhar On 09433021863 if need be.

With Best Regards,

Shri. T.N.Rahate
President FNPO &
Delhi (CHQ)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Change in the colour of the uniform supplied to the eligible officials in the Subordinate offices of the Department of Post

Dear Collegue,

Special meeting held at postal directorate at Delhi on 3rd August’2009 for uniform in this  
Meeting on behalf of FNPO Secretary General Shri D.Theagarajan the Circle Secretary NUPE P-IV Delhi circle Shri Subhash Chaudhary Participated Shri Devendar Sharma represented on behalf of general Secretary NUPE R-3. Shri Ashok Sharma deputy general secretary NUPE P-IV and G.R ‘D’ taken part on behalf of Shri T.N Rahate President FNPO & G.S NUPE P-4, Shri Siddiki general secretary NUPE R-4 was also present in this meeting. Representatives of FNPO,& NFPE took active part in the discussion and decision taken that better quality of khaki clothes should be supplied with sticking charges and department of post will recommended the department of personal and training for this supply twice in a year.
The meeting was grand success in staff point of view.

With Best Regards,

T.N. Rahate
President FNPO & G.S NUPE P-IV
(CHQ) Delhi, 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introduction of Child Care Leave (CCL) in respect of Central Govt Employees.


Change in the colour of the uniform supplied to the eligible officials in the Subordinate offices of the Department of Post

NUPE Postmen & G/R ‘D’/ FNPO had demanded reversion of Postmen & GR ‘D’ Uniform from blue to khaki once again. The issue was under consideration of the department. Now before taking a final decision on this matter, an official meeting has been convened by the department on 3.8.2009. In addition to place our final opinion on the colour of the uniform, the department is asking us about the acceptability of supply of fully-stitched uniform instead of cloth. Based on our experience in the past, we have decided to insist for the supply of cloth only instead of stitched uniforms. The outcome of the 3rd August discussion would be reported through our websites.

Change in the colour of the uniform supplied to the eligible officials in the Subordinate offices of the Department of Post




GDS Committee Recommendations and implementation

GDS Pay Commission report – Minister of Finance suggested some minor changes and accordingly the notes are being prepared and Deptt of Post finalizing the report. It is learnt from reliable sources that THE report is likely to be submitted to the cabinet on Monday for its approval. It is expected that any time the Union Cabinet may take a decision and announce the details of implementation of GDS Committee Report.

Shri. T.N.Rahate
President FNPO
Delhi CHQ


The S.G., FNPO met the Secretary  'P' Yesterday. The S.G told that the file is with the Secretary (Posts) has been over and shortly the ACP file is likely to be placed for the concurrence of JS&FA. Only after approval from JS&FA the Orders will be issued. FNPO & N.U.P.E P-IV has communicated the concern of the employees and requested to expedite the issue of orders.


                                            Govt. Orders

No. 37 – 15 / 2008 –SPB.I                                                 28th July 2009


All Chief Post Masters General

Subject: - Optimization of direct recruitment to civilian posts

I am directed to refer to respective Circle's communications on the above subject and this Department's endorsement of even number dated 14.07.2009 regarding revival and filling up of 2712 and 2478 vacancies in various Groups of posts in this Department by direct recruitment pertaining to the years 2006 and 2007 respectively, under Annual Direct Recruitment Plan in accordance with the instructions contained in Department of Personnel & Training OM No. 2/8/2001-PIC dated 16.5.2001 and to say that keeping in view the requirements of the Circles, computerization/modernization already done/being done, quantum of work load, existing manpower, etc. in the various Circles and above all to ensure smooth Postal operations, the competent authority in the Department of Posts has allocated the number of vacancies to the various Circles to be filled up by direct recruitment in various cadres as per the enclosed statements. You are requested to reallocate the vacancies allotted to the Circle to the various recruiting Divisions/units in the Circle. The vacancies so cleared for filling up in the Civil Wing have been communicated to Chief Engineer (Civil) separately, who in turn will allocate the vacancies to the various Divisions/Circles.

2. Under no circumstances the Circles shall fill up the remaining direct recruitment vacancies pertaining to the years 2007 and 2007 falling under the purview of Optimization Scheme. Further instruction in this regard may be awaited.

3. Since the allocation of vacancies to the various Circles have been done keeping in view the overall requirements of the Circles, it is requested that Head of the Circle should personally ensure that no deviation is made in the matter and only such posts are filled up by direct recruitment which have been allocated to the Circles. While filling up the vacancies the instructions contained in the Department of Personnel & Training's OM No.2/8/2001 – PIC dated 16.5.2001, DoP&T OM No. 14014/3/2005-Est (D) dated 14th June, 2006 circulated vide Department of Posts letter No. 24-162/2006-SPB.I dated 4.8.2006 and other instructions issued by the said Department, Ministry of Finance, etc. from time to time relating to recruitment should be strictly followed.

4. The Circles may recall that as intimated vide this Departments letter No.60-9/2009-SPB.IIdt. 08.05.2009 at present we are in the process of revising the existing pattern of examination for filling up of the posts of Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant by direct recruitment. The same is likely to be finalized shortly. Therefore you are requested to take necessary action to fill up the vacancies of PA/SA after receipt of further communication in this regard from this Directorate. The Circles may however initiate recruitment process immediately to fill up the remaining direct recruitment vacancies allocated to them. For the said purpose the Heads of the Circle should draw up an action plan under intimation to the Department and closely monitor the same so that the posts are filled up at the earliest. The Department may be kept informed about the progress so made by the Circles from time to time.

5. The receipt of this communication may be acknowledged.

Annual Direct Recruitment Plan for the year 2006 Statement of vacancies approved for being filled up for the year 2006


Annual Direct Recruitment Plan for the years 2006 and 2007 Statement of Vacancies approved for being filled up for the year 2006


No.37-15/2008-SPB.I Annual Direct Recruitment Plan for the year 2007 Statement of Vacancies approved for being filled up for the year 2007