Monday, April 2, 2018

Dated-01.04.2018 Felicitation to our Secretary General FNPO Sri.D.Theagarajan.

                                 Dated 01-4-2018 at SPS function hall,  Saidapet,  Chennai a grand farewell arranged to our beloved leader Sri D.Theagarajan, Secretary  General  FNPO who retired from service on 31-3-2018. He served to FNPO as Divisional Secretary,  Circle Secretary, General Secretary  to NUR III and Since 2004 as secretary General, FNPO. He discharged his duties very honestly and with outmost satisfaction of the FNPO family members. He own the many officers heart also during his service.  On behalf of NUPE POSTMEN& MTS-Group CHQ , we wish very happy and peaceful  retirement life.  

Presided by Shri T N RAHATE,President FNPO,& GS POSTMEN.MTS Union,and  Shri GULAM RABBANI.CHQ PRESIDEND. Shri N N MUJAWAR AGS P4 ,Shri jandhish  Sharma CHQ TRESARAR, SHRI KURUDIGI CS KARNATAKA and ABOVE HANDRED NUPE POSTMEN,MTS MEMBERs were attended to felicitate our leader Sri d Theagrajan on the eve of superannuation.... 💐💐💐💐💐