Thursday, May 15, 2014

7th Pay Commission calls for report on pay and allowances and other service conditions of Central Government Employees from all Secretaries of various Central Government Departments.

NEW DELHI – 110001
No. 7CPC/21/Secy.’s
Dated: May 2, 2014
This is further to my DO letter No. 7CPC/15/Questionnaire dated 9th April 2014, enclosing a Questionnaire through which the views of your Ministry were sought on the various aspects of the broad issues that the Seventh Pay Commission is mandated to address.
2. While examining the various issues that it is required to look at, apart from the views already sought, the Commission would also need specific data / information on some of the focus areas viz., personnel position, expenditure on salaries and allowances, deployment of contractual staff, training and skill development of personnel, etc. Accordingly, templates for seeking the necessary data have been prepared and are enclosed herewith. Each of the focus areas is covered in a separate Annexure. Data provided by the Ministries / Departments will be crucial in analyzing the key parameters to be studied by the Commission.
3. This composite data template is being shared through the Open Government Data (OGD) platform ( The nodal officers of your Ministries / Department for data collation activity the pre-designed spreadsheets in XLS format and fill them in offline. Once this data collation activity is completed those sheets can be uploaded through the The Data Controllers of are already familiar with process and methodology of uploading data on to this site. In case your Ministry has not yet nominated the Data Controller, this may kindly be done in accordance with the instructions as contained in the letter of the Cabinet Secretary dated July 18, 2012 in this regard. The weblink of the letter is
4. Instructions may please be issued to the concerned Nodal Officer designated to deal with Pay Commission to furnish replies to the template, complete in all respects. All expenditure related data may kindly be got vetted/ obtained from the Principal CCA/CA of the Ministry / Department in ease of Civil Ministries and by the counterpart officers in the case of Defence, Railways and Posts.
5. I shall be grateful if the data as sought for is furnished to the Commission by 10 June 2014.
With regards,
Yours Sincerely,
(Meena Agarwal)