Monday, May 25, 2015

Brief procedure of outward clearing at Sub office and Head office in DOP Finacle

Outward clearing procedure involves at Sub office and Head office level. 


  1. The following steps are involved in the SOs they are menioned below 
  2. Entering the insturments by using the menu option HOMSO in counter PA login. 
  3. Verification of the instruments which are lodged by counter PA using the menu HOMSO in supervisor login. 
  4. Generation of text file using the menu HOMSOEX (by clicking on report radio button) 


  1. The following steps are involved in HOS for handling both SOs cheques and HO cheques as mentioned below. 
  2. Open the Outward zone using the menu HMCLZOH 
  3. Generation of text file foe each SO by using the menu HOMSOEX (by selecting on file radio button) 
  4. Invoke the menu HPR to select the generated file, click on the icon and view the file path. 
  5. Download the files at HO by using the menu HTRFTOPC i.e., enter the file path and destination path where we want to save in our PC(computer). 
  6. Upload the instruments of all the Sub Offices by using the menu HCLUPLD 
  7. Entering the cheques received by HO in the same uploaded zone by using the menu HOCTM 
  8. Suspending the Zone 
  9. Release to Shadow balance 
  10. Regularization of Zone.
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