Monday, April 15, 2019

Online Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) apply : Date extended upto 18.04.2019

Flash :  
1) Registration and fee payment last date extended upto 18.04.2019 (Odisha & Tamilnadu) 

2) Submission of applications extended upto 21.04.2019. 
Question 3.
What are crops?
Crops are plants of the same kind grown in large quantities for food.
Question 4.
What is the basis of classification of crops in our country?
In our country, crops are classified on the basis of the season in which they grow.
Question 5.
What are kharif crops?
The crops which are sown in the rainy season and harvested in September/October are called kharif crops.
Question 6.
What are summer crops?
The crops which are grown in the summer season and harvested before rainy season are called summer crops or zayed crops.
Question 7.
Name two summer season crops.
Moong and muskmelon are summer season crops.
Question 8.
What are rabi crops?
The crops which are grown in the winter season and harvested in March/April are called rabi crops.
Question 9.
Why paddy cannot be grown in the summer season?
Paddy requires a lot of water, so it can only be grown during rainy season.
Question 10.
What is meant by agricultural practices?
The activities undertaken by farmers over a period of time for cultivation of crops are known as agricultural practices.
Question 11.
Write a paragraph in your own words on preparation of soil.
Soil is prepared by tilling i.e., loosening and turning of soil.
Question 12.
Name the tool used for tilling of soil.
A plough is used for tilling of soil.
Question 13.
What are crumbs?
A ploughed field may have big pieces of soil called crumbs.
Question 14.
How are crumbs broken?
The crumbs are broken with the help of a plank.
Question 15.
Why should loose soil be levelled?
Loose soil be levelled for sowing and irrigation.
Question 16.
How is levelling of soil done?
Levelling of soil is done with the help of a leveller.
Question 17.
How is ploughing done these days?
Now a days ploughing is done by tractor having a multipronged plough.
Question 18.
What is meant by sowing?
Sowing is the process of putting seeds in the soil.
Question 19.
What is meant by good quality seeds?
The good quality seeds means clean and healthy seeds of a good variety free from diseases.
Question 20.
What is the advantage of sowing seeds with a seed drill?
The advantage of sowing seeds with a seed drill is that the seeds are sown at a proper depth under the soil and the distance between them is uniform.
Question 21.
What are manure and fertilisers?
The substances which are added to the soil in the form of nutrients for the healthy growth of plants are called manure and fertilisers.
Question 22.
What is organic manure?
Manure obtained from animal or plant waste such as cattle dung, droppings is called organic manure.
Question 23.
What is meant by crop rotation?
Growing crops alternatively to prevent depletion of any one nutrient from soil is called crop rotation.
Question 24.
What is meant by irrigation?
The supply of water to crops in the fields at different intervals is called irrigation.
Question 25.
What is the drip system of irrigation?
Falling of water drop by drop at the roots of the plant is called drip irrigation.
Question 26.
Why should weeds be removed?
Weeds compete with the crop plants for water, nutrients, space and light and thus affect the growth of the crop. So, they should be removed.
Question 27.
Name the process of removal of weeds.
Weeding is the process of removal of weeds.
Question 28.
How is harvesting done in our country?
Harvesting in our country is done either manually by sickle or by a machine called harvester.
Question 29.
Name the farm machine used for harvesting and threshing both.
Question 30.
What is meant by winnowing?
After threshing, the grain is separated from the chaff, with the help of wind. This is known as winnowing.
Question 31.
How are food grains stored?
Food grains are dried in the sun to remove the excess moisture and then stored.
Question 32.
Why should grains be dried before storage?
Grains should be dried before storage to remove the excess moisture in them, so that microbes are not able to attack the grains.
Question 33.
What is meant by animal husbandry?
The study of the care of animals is known as animal husbandry.
Question 34.
Name some animals from whom milk can be obtained.
Milk can be obtained from cow, buffalo, she goat and she camel.
Question 35.
How is fish useful for us?
Fish is highly nutritious and easily digestible food. Cod liver oil from fish is also a rich source of vitamin D.
Question 36.
Name some animals which are reared for their meat.
Sheep, goat, pigs, chicken and fish are reared for their meat.
Question 37.
Why is honey so useful ?